Online Return Portal

How do I use the Online Returns Portal?

1. You will go to the online return portal
2. Enter Your Email Address and Order Number. If you have an account, Sign In
3. Start your return- Select the items you wish to return from the order, as well as the reason(s) why you are returning.
4. Return Confirmation- Confirm the items you selected as well as your Shipping Address.
5. Pay Options- Enter your email address for confirmation (this is where your return label will be sent) and your payment method details to pay for your return shipping label.
6. Print Your Return Label- you will be able to print your label once your payment is confirmed. You will receive a payment receipt along with instructions provided for shipping.
7. Get Your Package Ready- Your package will ship via USPS! You have the option to provide your package to your USPS delivery courier, schedule a pickup with USPS by clicking here: Schedule a Pickup- USPS OR drop it off at your nearest Post Office. To look for a convenient Post Office, click here: USPS Locations

How much does the shipping label cost on the Online Returns Portal?
At this time we offer return shipping labels for purchase via the online Returns Portal at a flat-rate fee of $7.99. Please note that these return shipping labels are available for use by U.S. Domestic customers only. For step-by-step instructions on how to return using the Returns Portal, please click Online Return Portal

I am an International customer and I want to return an Item?

Regrettably, the Online Returns Portal is for use by our U.S. Domestic Customers only! If you are an International customer and would like information on how to return your items back to Snatch Bans 

What carriers are available on the Online Returns Portal?

Currently, we only offer a flat-rate return shipping service via USPS which is available for purchase through the Online Returns Portal for U.S. Domestic Customers only.

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