How does payment and refunds work with QuadPay?

When is my first QuadPay Payment Due?
Your first payment of 25% of the total purchase price is due at the time of checkout. The remaining three payments will be billed automatically, every two weeks from the first payment date.

How much does QuadPay cost?
There is a $1 per-installment fee to use QuadPay, regardless of the size of your order. As long as your installments are paid on-time, there are no other fees to shop with QuadPay.

How Can I check my QuadPay Order or Account?
You can check current and past orders on the Quad Pay Customer Portal. Simply log in to view your account by entering your mobile number or email address. Log into QuadPay's Customer Portal.

Verify your information and get instant access to current or past orders, edit your information, add a payment card and view your payments.

If you need help accessing your account, please contact QuadPay Support directly at the following link to submit a request: https://help.quadpay.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Will I be notified about my QuadPay Installments?
QuadPay notifies customers with payment reminders via SMS and email before each payment is due.

Can I pay off my QuadPay Installments Early?
Of course! Simply log in to QuadPay’s Customer Portal and choose the order you wish to pay off early. You can log into QuadPay's Customer Portal.

What if I have trouble paying my QuadPay installments?
 Just be sure to notify QuadPay to avoid a late fee if your payment method is not up-to-date or if you can't make your next payment. You may contact QuadPay by clicking here. Please note that QuadPay will determine whether or not a payment date change can be honored.

Installment payments are automatic, however, QuadPay will charge a late fee in certain instances such as if your payment cannot be processed because your debit card account has insufficient funds or your credit card is no longer valid.

In such instances, QuadPay will charge a $7 late fee after the first missed payment on each installment. If any installment goes past 7 days late, there will be a single additional fee per order of $7. If your payment is denied in error, you can contact QuadPay Support by submitting a request at https://help.quadpay.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.

What if I lose or want to change my payment method for an existing QuadPay order?
QuadPay associates your card with your order when you first complete the checkout process for that order. If you need to change which payment method is used for future installments, follow these steps to associate a different card with a given order. This will cause all further installments for that order to be billed against your new card.

1. Log into the Customer Portal at https://customer.quadpay.com.
2. Go to the Orders Page and click View Order for the order you would like to change.
3. Click Edit next to the payment card.
4. Select the card you’d like to use, and click “Use this Card”.

Note: You will need to repeat this process for each order you would like to change to a new card. If you would like to use a card not yet associated with your QuadPay account, you will need to add that card to your account first before associating it with the order.

If I return my QuadPay order, will I receive a refund?
Online returns from Snatch Bans are refunded via store credit in the form of a Snatch Bans E-Gift Card code. Refunds issued for returned items do not affect your QuadPay installments. When returning items by mail on a purchase made using QuadPay, you will still need to complete your payments to QuadPay as Snatch Bans processes returns and refunds separately.

Please allow 5-7 business days after your return package is received at our Distribution Center for processing. You will receive an email after your return has been processed by our Returns Department. Your E-Gift Card code will be sent to the email on file for the order in question. This store credit can be used for online purchases on the Snatch Bans  website and never expires!

For information on Snatch Bans  Online Return Policy, Click on the return policy link.

For further information about the refund process, please visit the QuadPay Support Site.

How do partial refunds work with QuadPay?
When a partial refund is issued in cases such as one item is out of stock out of several items, QuadPay will reduce the last installment amount by the amount that was refunded. If the refund amount is greater than the last installment amount, QuadPay will deduct the partial refund from your last and second to last installment - and so on.

Example: You make a $100 purchase. Each installment payment is $25 each. You pay the first initial installment of $25 at checkout. Later, Snatch Bans refunds $50 on your purchase. The value is applied to the last of their installments, and then to the next-to-last installment - and so on - until the entire refund amount has been applied. Below is a break down of what the refund(s) would look like.

$25 - PAID.
$25 - The second installment remains and is still due on the original due date.

How do full refunds work with QuadPay?
n cases where orders are cancelled and a full refund must be issued, customers are only refunded the amount they have paid to-date via their installments. QuadPay will then cancel all future payments. Refunds can take 2-3 business days to process, depending on the financial institution.

Example: You make a $100 purchase. You pay the first initial installment of $25 at checkout. Later, the order is cancelled. A refund of $25 is issued, and the remaining installments (which total out to $75) will be cancelled by QuadPay.

QuadPay FAQ

1. Choose QuadPay as your payment method at checkout for orders over $35. No long forms or credit checks required, just instant approval.
2. Checkout using a credit or debit card. The first 25% of your order total is charged at the time of purchase.
3. Pay the rest in equal installments billed automatically over 6 weeks. There are no late fees if paid on time!

You can also click here to review QuadPay's Help Section!

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