Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

 Snatch Bans Affiliate Program. Here at Snatch Bans we are all about spreading the love to our customers and rising partners. Looking to make some extra $$? We offer four (4) different affiliate programs for you to choose from, with unique benefits and commission rates. The different affiliates program options will be linked below. By default, all new affiliates start with the Basic Package. In the Basic package, you’ll receive five percent (5%) of orders using your code. Sign Up   at the bottom of Snatch Bans Page and someone will contact you.

below are the affiliate program packages,


Affiliate Silver Program $100.00


  1. You will receive the 7% Per Code that is received. Plus Snatch Bans Affiliate Business Cards, and a Snatch Ban Waist Trainer.


Affiliate Gold Program $300.00


  1. You will receive 10% Per Code that is received. Snatch Ban T-Shirts- Affiliate Business Cards- Top Waist Trainers or Top Selling Shapewear. Also, You will receive monthly Garments for advertisement. In Order to keep receiving new items every month. You must have 10 Orders per month or your new items will not be shipped out.


Affiliate Platinum Program $500.00


  1. You will Receive 25% Per Code received. Snatch Bans T- Shirts, Affiliate Business Cards, 1 Top Waist Trainer and 1 Body Shapers or Work Out Clothing every month as long as they are in stock.Every Monthly Product will be randomly chosen. You Must Sell 30 items Per Month to receive you monthly stock


If you choose any one of the Affiliate programs (Silver – Gold – Platinum). We will send you an invoice for the program chosen amount. Once paid, your affiliate program will be updated, and began processing for your new items and codes.



 In order to receive your Affiliate Fund. Please make sure that your Affiliate account is set up with your payment method which is PAYPAL. Please make sure your email associated with your PayPal is enter there.

Funds are dispersed once a month at the end of every month. Which will go directly in your PayPal account.

If you would like to view your sale. Just login to your account and all information will be there.


 If you would like to update plan. Contact or  

 If You would like one of the programs please just link on the Affiliate link at the bottom of Snatch Bans Page.

 If any of the affiliate customers purchase come back as a chargeback, Fraudulent, refunded, or cancelled, Funds will be deducted for the affiliates balance. Also the fee acquired from the bank if applies.

 All Funds will be paid out by the end of the month 31st. Minimum Balance for payout is $100.00.


Any Affiliate that does not meet the minimum amount sold in referrer codes. They will not get No monthly merchandise.


Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time.

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