Free Garments

These Free Garments are ONLY if you have WON on the SCRATCH OFFICE ticket that came with your Last Order . Rule are Below:


1. You MUST provide proof of your WINNING TICKET by emailing your packaging Slip that has the scratch off ticket on it. Email the slip to

2. Packaging slip MUST be clear and able to read the WHOLE SLIP.

3. Write on the Packaging Slip which one of the Free garments you would like. It has to be the FULL NAME OF THE ITEM.

4. Once approved Snatch Bans will match your packaging slip with your previous order. It must have the same NAME AND ADDRESS from your previous order in order to be eligible to win. 

5. Once accepted you will receive a gift card in the amount of the Garment that you chose.

All gift card winners can only use the winning gift card in the free garment collection, and only USED once.  Gift Card can NOT be combine with any other gift cards. Can NOT be used for any other garments, orders, exchanges, returns. Winning Gift Cards can ONLY be used for a free garment in the free garment collection. Gift card can Only be used one time. The gift card can only be used by the person who's name is was on the previous order. If any of the rules are not followed above the Gift card will be deleted and you will be in default of your winnings, and will not be able to get your free garment.  If your pervious order was cancelled, returned, rejected, charged back, refunded, or any of the above you will not be eligible for your winning. Customers will be responsible for shipping and /or any other fees, If shipping does not arrive to you or lost, stolen ETC. It is the customer responsible to file a claim with the shipping carrier.Once Garment is shipped Snatch Bans does not give out any extra or replacement garments.



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